St James Lennoxville aims to be a Jesus loving, presence based community in mission.

By “Jesus loving” we mean that we are a church that takes Jesus and the New Life that he brings, seriously.  With soft hearts and open hands we respond to His dying for our sins and restoring us back to life in His resurrection. This New Life is a journey marked by repentance, gratefulness and a willingness to respond to His leading.  We who once rebelled, have been brought back under his authority and care.  

By “Presence Based” we mean that we are a church that spends time in the presence of God together in worship, word and sacrament.  We expect His involvement in our lives.  We aim to be a worshipping community because we believe that God “inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3).  We uphold and proclaim the Holy Scriptures through exegetical preaching and deep personal study because we believe them to be words inspired by God.  We practice a sacramental life, receiving God’s grace in practical ways.

By “Community” we mean that we are a church that takes the Church seriously.  We believe that we are not simply a gathering of likeminded individuals, but rather the Kingdom and power of God working through us together.  We keep the faith as a local community, with the Church global and with the generations of saints who have gone before us.  

By “In Mission” we mean that, as recipients of God’s love and grace we preach and proclaim this Good News to others, as well as reach out in practical ways to defend orphans, widows and other marginalized or defenseless people.  From Family, to Local, to Global, we aim to reach the world with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.