“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Rom 10:15)

Sometimes we can feel limited and  helpless when it comes to reaching out to the lost in the world.  We know that there are many needs out there and that many people still need to hear the gospel but sometimes we do not know where to start.

Although we may feel small we do hope to be mighty when it comes to God's call to missions.

We at St James would like to dedicate this part of our website to those whose ministries we support. And in doing so, we hope that you will be encouraged to step out in faith and partner with those who are actively following God's call to spread the gospel.

We hope that you enjoy reading about these exciting ministries and that these stories will serve to strengthen and renew your dedication to missions.


 Josiah and Ann Jisca Meyer with their four children.

Josiah and Ann Jisca Meyer with their four children.

Meyers on Mission - serving in Quebec

Whether it is through organizing university Bible studies, leading scouts, showing love through hospitality or preaching and teaching at local churches,  the Meyers are investing in their community!  They have enriched the lives in this church with their presence and have a heart for the people here in Quebec.

To see what they have been up to take a look at their most recent newsletter.

The Meyers are currently serving in campus ministry at the University of Sherbrooke, in Sherbrooke Quebec.   They have an abundance of material on their webpageplease take some time to get to know their ministry and consider supporting what they do.

"The message of the gospel…is first that we are in a terrible and dangerous situation...secondly that God in His love has provided a way of escape from said situation. To preach the second without the first is to present the notion that we are in no danger, and thus God’s “Great Rescue Plan” is not needed and is thus not very great.  To preach the first without the second is to present the image of a severe, unloving, unreasonable and profoundly ungracious God."   - Josiah Meyer


The Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada (ARDFC)

"ARDFC is a Canadian global aid agency that undertakes carefully selected and monitored relief and development projects with partner dioceses in developing nations, to relieve poverty, provide food and other necessities of life, as well as provide training to improve skills in healthcare, agriculture and irrigation, and to advance the Christian faith."

One of the ARDFC's current projects involves "partnering with the Anglican Diocese of Cameroon to provide a full service healthcare clinic in the city of Douala. It will offer inexpensive, quality care to people who do not have access to, or who cannot afford, health care and medications."  To visit their website to find out more or donate to their work please click here.




Joel and Chantal Cliche -  serving in Honduras

We were very happy to have the Cliche family as part of St James (if only for a short while).  Their passion for sharing the gospel and moving to another part of the world to help orphans was evident from the moment that they arrived.

It was a challenging and rewarding experience to see their passion for this ministry grow during their time here and it was a bitter-sweet goodbye when they left for Honduras.

As taken from their recent update letter, Joel explains what they have come to value the most :

 "In the end, experiences are fun, possessions and comforts make life easier, but what is truly important is people. God has not called us to comfort and luxury, but He has called us to these people."

For more information on their ministry, or to donate please visit their page on the Commission to Every Nation website.


The Cantelon Family - Journeying to Israel

The Cantelons planted our church... so forgive us if we are a tad biased!

Jess and Erica have always had a heart and a calling to Israel.  And even though we relished every moment with them, while they guided us in the Lord, I think we always knew the day would come that they would leave us.  The Cantelon Family has enriched the lives of those of us who call St James "home", they have helped lift our hearts to the Lord and have made the words of the Bible come alive to us in ways that we never imagined. 

And though we may want to selfishly  keep them... they must go... they must hold fast to God's path for their lives.  There is a people waiting to hear from them, to learn from them, to break bread with them.

And so we would like to present them to you as they are, a family journeying to Israel - A family dedicated to God's good work.

So please take some time to explore Jess' Israel Video Project.  To support them financially please click on the link here.

"The emerging generation of Israeli believers are typical of most second generation immigrants. I too share in their perspective.  The oceans navigated by our parents, of language and enculturation, are just that — they have been navigated. Our reality in Israel now has a different horizon. We can sail to farther shores.  Now is the time for elevated preaching, for solid theology, for song writing, and for connection."  - Jess Cantelon


Nicole Schlichter (International Student Ministries Canada in Sherbrooke) - serving in Quebec

"When firefighters are called into action, they grab their gear and make haste. There is an emergency; a slow response could be fatal.  The sirens are sounding! God is calling us to rally and reach the foreigner, but do we know why we go?
The verse God has put upon ISMC's ministry in Sherbrooke  is Acts 9:15. “Go, because he’s my chosen instrument to carry my name to unbelievers, to their kings, and to the descendants of Israel.” God gave Ananias the instruction to go because somebody needed to tell Paul that Christ was calling him to great things. We know what happened next: lives were saved and churches emerged everywhere. God used Ananias to impact one person who changed the world.

There are international students in our midst who are chosen by God to bring nations to Christ. This is why we move hastily - for lives are at stake."- Nicole Schlichter

Nicole has a heart for students being thrown into another culture.  She acknowledges the difficulties that new students to Canada face when settling here for the first time.  Whether it be the language barrier or struggling with homesickness Nicole believes that support will always be needed for the those living in a new country.

Nicole is the city direct for ISMC in Sherbrooke, her goal is to  "empower international students in Sherbrooke to impact the world."   And this is done through creative activities that range from providing food, to bible studies, to discipleship (with a whole lot more thrown in the mix).

Please consider partnering with her as she serves the international community in Sherbrooke.  Please visit the ISMC Sherbrooke page for more information on giving.


Nelson and Cheryl Buchanan- serving in Taiwan

"We serve as the Director of the ministry here in Taiwan. Our main ministry is SYME, an immersion English discipleship program. For two to eight months, Christian and non-Christian young adults come and live with us while studying at our school. We hang out with them, eat with them, teach them English and study the Bible with them. One of the greatest things about this ministry is that we get to spend such an extended period of time with these students intentionally and unintentionally sharing the love of Christ with them"

Nelson and Cheryl are genuine and loving people who want to see souls saved.  Their dedication to God's mission has brought them far away from their homes and family to a culture that isn't there own. They are faithful and courageous with a commitment to the gospel that is contagious.

Take some time to learn more about their ministry and please consider supporting them financially.  You can do both by visiting their information page.  

You can also learn about their ministry by clicking on the presentation  below.